Weebly.com – what a joke of a “free” service.

Weebly.com – what a joke of a “free” service.

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Weebly.com – what a joke of a “free” service.

Warning about the mql5.com market products

Long story short, I’m trying to publish and sell an EA on their ‘market’ site. They are trying to test it (normal procedure) but they’re using wrong values within the EA settings.

These values generate broker errors leading to failed, not triggered trades. Now, what they advised me to do in order to fix my EA – not that it is broken if one will use it correctly:

You need to check (and override if needed) the entered values of input parameters to prevent sending incorrect requests to the trade server.

Exactly their message.

Do you understand the gravity of what they’re asking?

They want the EA to change the user/trader entered values with some other, just so it can trigger a trade. So if the trader wants a SL of – let’s say – 5 pips and the broker doesn’t accept it, than the EA (in their opinion) should set a SL of maybe 20 pips – possibly accepted by the broker. Ain’t that crazy?!

I keep trying to explain them that I cannot allow that to happen. I want the trader to set the EA’s settings, not the EA to set them by itself. But I really think they:

  1. haven’t read what the EA does
  2. have no idea about trading at all
  3. are trying to make me publish a losing EA

Choose one, or maybe all of the reasons above. I cannot think of others right now.

What I know for sure is that any EA should trade as the trader wants it to. And if the trader uses some wrong/impossible settings then the EA shouldn’t do anything – much better than changing those settings and opening random orders.

Now, careful when you buy anything from the market. No doubt these guys “advised” other coders to do like this and no doubt there are EAs out there that are “thinking” independently from the trader.

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Warning about the mql5.com market products