RobotFX Fluid Upgrade

The Fluid EA has been upgraded, but now it is to late to explain it. I will post tomorrow an explanation about the new features that this last version comes with.

Good night.

RobotFX Fluid Upgrade

I understand (from reading the lame forex sites) that one reason traders close a trade or a basket is mental exhaustion. Basically they get tired of waiting for the price to hit their TP or SL.

Well, if you’re one of them, stop trading now. Really. If your mind can’t handle it, your body will not be able to execute it and in conclusion you cannot do it. In forex, you will lose money instead of winning, so why playing the game?!

Above is my opened basket on USDCHF. A few trades are opened. I have absolutely no problem leaving this over night. In fact, the basket is 2 days old already. As you can see, I’m hedging using the RobotFX Fluid EA.

I remember a good trader writings on the web, but not his name unfortunately. He was saying that if you cannot sleep (’cause of the opened trades) in the night, you should not trade. He was right. This “mental exhaustion” translates into your inability to do this… so if you cannot do it, don’t try to do it again and again.