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RobotFX Fluid



Now this is how to manage a losing trade so it will always be in profit. And this is exactly what the RobotFX Fluid EA does.

Those 95% losers in the forex game are losing mostly because they do not know how to manage a losing trade and they either use a stoploss or wait and hope until it is to late.

In this picture I entered long on EU at the wrong moment. The price dropped soon after. Instead of panicking and closing the trade, I opened a short, double the size of the long. This way I was covered if the price would have dropped further. The price dropped indeed, triggering the BE for the sell, but then rised again, closing the sell at BE profit (1 pip).

Even better, it continued with the original trend, so eventually the long trade close in profit, too (28 pips). And so, one losing trade became 2 winning trades. Only thanks to the RobotFX Fluid EA.


I understand (from reading the lame forex sites) that one reason traders close a trade or a basket is mental exhaustion. Basically they get tired of waiting for the price to hit their TP or SL.

Well, if you’re one of them, stop trading now. Really. If your mind can’t handle it, your body will not be able to execute it and in conclusion you cannot do it. In forex, you will lose money instead of winning, so why playing the game?!

Above is my opened basket on USDCHF. A few trades are opened. I have absolutely no problem leaving this over night. In fact, the basket is 2 days old already. As you can see, I’m hedging using the RobotFX Fluid EA.

I remember a good trader writings on the web, but not his name unfortunately. He was saying that if you cannot sleep (’cause of the opened trades) in the night, you should not trade. He was right. This “mental exhaustion” translates into your inability to do this… so if you cannot do it, don’t try to do it again and again.


RobotFX Fluid expert advisor

The idea behind the RobotFX Fluid expert advisor is not only to spot the trading signals and open trades at the exact right moment, but also to help the traders with their money and trade management. This is where the 95% of the traders fail in forex. They have been indoctrinated with the necessity of using a stoploss – this is the biggest mistake they make. Just ask yourself:

“If 95% of the traders are losing their money, do I really want to follow the same rules they do?!”

RobotFX Fluid expert advisor

To keep it short, instead of a traditional stoploss, the Fluid is using a sophisticated method to hedge a losing trades or a basket of trades. This way every losing trade can be transformed into a winning basket of trades. RobotFX Fluid EA is following the trend and basket trading occurs only when the trend changes and there is a trade opened already.

How RobotFX Fluid EA works

You can find more details about this trading expert advisor and the strategy behind it on the RobotFX Fluid website, or you can go ahead and buy it.

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RobotFX Fluid expert advisor