RobotFX Stairsteps expert advisor

The strategy of the RobotFX Stairsteps expert adviser is to trade breakouts of consolidation zones. It often happens that the price moves in a short range (consolidates) for a while and then breaks out of these consolidation zones. When this happens, many traders set pending orders above or/and below these zones, so when the price breaks out of the zone, a trade will open.

RobotFX Stairsteps expert advisor

We do recommend following the trend and don’t just set random pending orders. This is where RobotFX Stairsteps EA comes in to help. The expert advisor will allow you set only long or short trades to be opened. In other words, decide about the trend and set the EA to buy – if the trend is up – or to sell – if the trend is down. This expert advisor uses the traditional stop-loss function. It does not hedge but it has many other options to manage the trades and your money.

How RobotFX Stairsteps works

You can find more details about this trading expert advisor and the strategy behind it on the RobotFX Stairsteps website, or you can go ahead and buy it.

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RobotFX Stairsteps costs 389$. Buy this product and get advantage of:

– One time payment – no monthly/yearly/etc subscription fees

– All the other indicators/experts used in this strategy free of charge *

– Free updates for life – sent automatically to your Paypal email address **

* in case the expert advisor need extra indicators/scripts to work

** whenever (and if) the expert advisor will be updated

RobotFX Stairsteps expert advisor