It takes all kinds

Says someone on the biggest trolling site on the net,

“Yes, but you trade 0.01$/lot” – like that’s the reason I’m winning my trades. So I replied:

“I trade 0.01$ because I’m using a free 30$ bonus from XM, which btw doubled in one week. But wouldn’t the result be the same if I’d trade 1$/lot?! The strategy doesn’t change, you know?”

He didn’t agree with me.

Sometimes people are to dumb to be taught, no matter how hard the teacher tries to explain them. I’ve done my best with text, pictures and audio-visuals. If he still can’t understand…. well, some are just not traders. Go buy some signals form a ‘mentor’ lol

But you know, I’m no rocket scientist. And knowing that, I cannot even think about arguing with a rocket scientist. I’ll just take whatever he says for granted.

It takes all kinds